Watch This Before Buying Cuban Cigars

Cuban Cigars are the unicorns of the cigar world (different than the Dunbarton Unicorn, which is actually quite good). Because Cubans are illegal to buy or sell in the USA, people naturally want them… maybe even more than they would if cuban goods were readily available. But, if you’re looking to score some coveted Cuban cigars, there are a few things you’re going to want to know. In this video, I will take you through what you need to know if you’re looking to get the real deal!

In This Video:

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AJ Fernandez Cigars are not Cuban… but they’re made by AJ Fernandez, who is Cuban. The San Lotano is a flavor packed Nicaraguan Connecticut blend that uses AJ’s world class long filler tobacco to produce a bright flavor profile. I would pick this cigar over nearly any Cuban cigar I can think of!

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  1. Before I tried an authentic cuban, I was one of the ones who was ok with what we have and enjoyed them thoroughly, but I was able to get my hand on a legit 10 pack sampler of 5 different Cubans. Cohiba, monte, partegas, romeo y Juliette, H upmann.
    All but the upmann, I thoroughly enjoyed. Like amazingly. I love mild to medium and they were all that but had good flavor

  2. I smoked 5 of what I believe were real Cuban cigars (around $30 each also) at Tiger Woods’ T2 cigar bar in the Bahamas recently and all but one were not well constructed and canoed. Flavor of each was decent but not great. Definitely agree that the cigars we get here in the US are much, much better and also much more affordable.

  3. I’m in UK. I had about 10 different cuban cigars and none of them impressed me. I had over 300 “new world” cigars and a lot of hem left me very impressed! Do not support communists !!!

  4. I’ve been heavily involved in the cigar culture for 5 or 6 years now and the main reason I have no interest at all in Cuban cigars is I have met and befriended many people in the cigar industry who’s family farms and manufacturing facilities were taken from them by the Cuban government. I feel like I would be turning my back on my friends if I bought Cuban cigars.

  5. Some great advice. I feel the same way about Cubans. Albeit, the only one I have ever smoked did not come directly from the factory floor, I have smoked countless other blends that were more enjoyable (and legal). By the way, since finding Cigars Daily Plus…I’m dedicated to watching your content here. Love the platform! I would like if you had a playlist option on the site so that I could binge watch while smoking. Really high-quality content!

  6. Being from Canada, I have had the opportunity to try a couple different cubans myself. I believe Tim has a point with non-cuban cigars; there’s so much out there, I don’t think cubans are in a different league. That being said, they do hit differently and have a more unique flavor profile in my opinion.

    Also, one way to check if you have legit cubans, you can check the box serial code on the Habanos website, assuming you have a sealed box to confirm if it’s the real deal.

    Stay smokey friends !