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Toast to dad unforgettable cigars for fathers dayTop-Cigars-For-Fathers-Day-2023-6-Cigar-Sampler

Toast to Dad: Unforgettable Cigars for Father’s Day

Well Dads, we did it. Another year has gone by. The kids are a little older, the car has a few more problems, and now it’s time for that one day when we get to kick back and celebrate a solid effort with a top tier premium cigar. In this video, I will take you […]
The best cigars for womenTop recommendations for the Ladies 5 cigar sampler

The Best Cigars For Women

Women represent a powerful and fast growing segment of the cigar world. Today, more than ever, you’ll see gals lighting up and joining the cigar community all over the place. Yet, the cigar industry still has a bit of a reputation for being ‘a man’s thing’. And that’s certainly not the case. The truth is, […]

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Gran Habano XX 20th Anniversary Cigar Review

Gran Habano XX 20th Anniversary Cigar Review

Gran Habano has been crafting fan favorite cigars for 20 years now. To celebrate, they have released the XX 20th Anniversary. The blend in an intriguing mix of Jalapa Valley Corojo Wrapper over Colombian, Nicaraguan, and Peruvian tobaccos. The cigar is supposed to offer a complex and refined experience with a medium body and full […]
Plasencia Cosecha 149 Cigar Review

Plasencia Cosecha 149 Cigar Review

I gotta be honest, Plasencia’s Cosecha 149 has been one of my favorite cigars since it was released in 2021. It’s a Honduran puro, that features the strength and versatility of Honduran leaf. Now it’s time to dive deep into this blend and see exactly what it has to offer. Let’s find out how this […]
Diesel Simple Fool Fools errand cigar review

Diesel Fool’s Errand Simple Fool Cigar Review

Diesel’s Simple Fool is the second installment of a trilogy of limited edition blends created by Justin Andrews and AJ Fernandez. The blend utilizes an Ecuador Sumatra Wrapper over Nicaraguan Habano binder and fillers. It’s a simple sounding blend, but somehow Justin and AJ seem to always manage to craft bold and exciting new blends […]
Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua Cigar Review Med

Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua Cigar Review

The Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua already has a lot of accolades on it’s own. It was Cigar Aficionado’s Cigar of the Year in 2019, and received a jaw dropping 96 rating. Today, it’s Aging Room’s most popular regular production blend… but it’s been a long time since 2019 (and a lot has happened in the […]

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Cigar Smokedown | Bargain EditionCigar Smokedown | Bargain Edition

Cigar Smokedown | Bargain Edition

There are a lot of bargain sticks out there. In this Smokedown, we’ll take two big brand bargain blends head to head to see which one offers the best overall experience! Join the Cigars Daily Nation: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cigarsdailyofficial/ Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/cigarsdailynation/ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/cigarsdaily/ Email updates (contain larger discounts): http://eepurl.com/dk_AOD Twitter: @Cigars_Daily follow Tim on […]
Cigar Smokedown | Barrel-Aged BroadleafsCigar Smokedown | Barrel-Aged Broadleafs

Cigar Smokedown | Barrel-Aged Broadleafs

Barrel-aged cigars are going in popularity like crazy… but they’re not all created equal. Some are better than others, which is exactly what we will get to the bottom of in this video. Join me as the Diesel Whiskey Row Sherry Cask and Camacho American Barrel Aged blends battle to see which has more to […]
Cohiba Connecticut Cigar ReviewCohiba Connecticut Cigar Review

Cohiba Connecticut Cigar Review

Cohiba is easily one of the most recognizable brands in the world today. But for some reason, they only recently put out their first Connecticut. Let’s see if this is a refined blend or just more noise in the increasingly busy cigar market. (Visited 1332 times, 6 visits today)
Camacho Nicaragua Cigar ReviewCamacho Nicaragua Cigar Review

Camacho Nicaragua Cigar Review

Camacho Cigars has a massive catalog of blends… but nothing quite like the new Camacho Nicaragua. Let’s see if this stick can offer something new, unique, and interesting. It’s time to break into this blend with a cut and a light! (Visited 947 times, 1 visits today)
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