Top 10 Liga Privada Killers

In the cigar world, when we say that something is a ‘killker’ like ‘Liga Privada killer’, it just means that a cigar has what it takes to offer a comparable flavor and quality to a blend that’s well established. And there are few brands with the recognition of Drew Estate’s Liga Privada Cigars. They’re some of the most sought after cigars in the world… which also means they can be hard to find. So I wanted to take you through some cigars that are Liga Privada killers. These are blends that offer a similar quality of construction, vibrant flavor, and boldness as the world famous liga! Drop a comment with your favorite Liga alternatives.

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Drew Estate Undercrown Maduro

Drew Estate’s Undercrown uses a Mexican San Andres wrapper to produce massive plumes of smoke with rich and vivid full strength flavor that has put this blend on the map. The great news about Undercrown is that you can get get this cigar in a Connecticut Shade, Sun Grown, or Maduro blend that will meet any cigar smoker right where they’re at.

Drew Estate Nica Rustica

Drew Estate’s Nica Rustica is one of the most flavorful Broadleaf cigars out there. Plus, it boasts a Connectictut Broadleaf wrapper, which is rare to find at just $5 – $7 per cigar. With a brilliant but bold flavor profile, this is easy to dub as a ‘poor man’s Liga’.

Dunbarton Mi Querida

Mi Querida is a term that directly translates ‘My Beloved’. The blend is a dark, rich, and bold blend that uses some of the world’s best tobaccos. Dressed in an oily Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper that has been hand picked for it’s vibrance and quality.

Dunbarton Mi Querida Triqui Traca

The Mi Querida Triqui Traca is the bolder brother to the original Mi Querida. This blend uses a tweaked version of the blend to offer more power with a bit more pepper and spice for the cigar connousour that needs a little more oomph in their cigars.

Foundation Wise Man Maduro

The Wise Man Maduro is a Top 25 Cigar, blended by Nick Melillo, with a Mexican San Andres wrapper. The blend offers a wildly robust full strength flavor with smooth notes of leather, dark chocolate, and espresso. It’s a blend that has become a fan favorite for fans of bold blends.

Foundation Tabernacle

The Tabernacle is Foundation’s boldest and darkest blend. It offers a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper over a Mexican San Andres binder, along with some of Nicaragua’s absolute best filler tobaccos.

E.P. Carrillo La Historia

I remember the first time I had E.P. Carrillo’s La Historia. It was one of those transcendent cigar experiences that I will never forget. If you’re looking for a full strength cigar with lots of flavor character, this blend will satiate your palate in a special way.

E.P. Carrillo Pledge

Very few cigars have reached the status that the pledge has in just a few short years. With multiple 90+ ratings and multiple Top 25 list placements, it’s obvious that this blend is primed to take cigar smokers to new places.

Southern Draw Jacob’s Ladder

Southern Draw’s Jacob’s Ladder is a spicy, dark, bold blend with all the trimmings. Using a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper over a Mexican San Andres wrapper and fillers from 3 regions of Nicaragua, this blend offers a quality and complexity that has made it one of Southen Draw’s most popular blends!

Southern Draw Cedrus

The Cedrus is one of my personal favorite cigars from Southern Draw. This blend is strong, dark and robust. But it’s still smooth. The flavor comes with a rich palette of sweetness, cinnamon, chocolate, and leather that will send your tastebuds soaring to new places!

Plasencia Alma Del Fuego

Plasencia’s Alma Del Fuego is translated as ‘Soul of Fire’. This blend uses aged tobaccos for a perfectly clean flavor that still carries strength and dimention in the midst of a smooth smoking experience with no imperfections.

Plasencia Cosecah 149

The Cosecahs 149 is the newest cigar from Plasencia. The blend offers a completely dark and full strength experience that is devoid of any significant pepper or spice. When you light one of these up, you should simply expect a refined flavor that will fill every area of the palate.

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