Tom Lazuka is the most INSANE cigar maker of all time! [EXTENDED]

There are some crazy people in the cigar industry! But there’s nobody as crazy as Tom Lazuka, owner of Asylum Cigars. He’s not Matt Booth crazy (swinging from the chandolliers and organizing brazilian cock fights… allegedly). He’s more of the type of crazy that takes an idea, like massive ring guage cigars, and makes it a reaiity. Now it’s been nearly 10 years of massive cigar success and Tom is here to share some of the insane thoughts in his wild cigar making mind!

In This Video:

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  1. I won a Lockjaw pack from one of the CD Live shows with Asylum in 2020. I still have most of them I did smoke the big Corojo one I think it was 6×80 or so. it was really good I just don’t have the time to set aside for these big ring gauges