The Most Popular Cigar Sizes and The Best Ones For You

Cigars come in all shapes and sizes. It’s one huge component of the artistry of premium cigars. But if you’re just getting into cigars, it can be hard to know which sizes to go for. In this video, I’ll take you through some of the most popular cigar sizes among aficionados, and look at which sizes might be best for you.


In this video, I’ll show you a variety of cigar sizes with Macanudo Cigars. This time tested cigar brand has injected some brand new life into their blends with the Inspirado line.

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  1. I have to give some support to petit coronas, although robustos are great. For me, it takes an hour and a half to smoke a robusto, taking a couple puffs a minute. So I don’t sit down with a toro or churchill unless I have about two and a half hours to kill.

  2. Robusto is my most smoked size, they just hit the sweet spot for time and wrapper filler ratio. I don’t mind a toro for just that little bit extra that it gives to a cigar. I don’t like anything about 58. Lonsdales I really like because they are just not to small for me to be a bit awkward but the wrapper shines a bit more through. 38 is my minimum and that’s where the lancero comes in. Very unique shape, really unique way of tasting the binder.

    Short / petit robusto’s can be fun sometimes as well. I’ve yet had to try a Churchill, high on my wishlist.