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The Joya De Nicaragua Numero Uno is an annual release that is based on a blend formerly handed out to world leaders by Nicaraguan ambassadors. Get into this blend to taste a powerful yet mild flavor with notes of cedar, almonds, floral, and vanilla sweetness. It offers a refined flavor that will please even the most critical of cigar connoisseurs.

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The Joya De Nicaragua Numero Uno is based on a blend that Nicaraguan Ambassadors used to hand out to other world leaders. Now Joya is making this high end flavor available to the everyday aficionado. But I wonder, can this Connecticut blend offer the kind of refined flavor that is worthy of greasing the wheels of international relations? And the only way to find out is with a cut and a light!

Joya De NicaraguaNumero Uno L’Ambassadeur
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
Filler: Nicaraguan

Light Up

Since this is based on a blend that was handed out to world leaders… and it’s a $15.75 cigar, I’m putting on my critical ‘world leader’ hat for this review. It had better be good enough to quell an international dispute! And I have to admit, the light up has me a little nervous.

The first puffs of the Numero Uno come with some very punch flavor! There’s black pepper on the retrohale, which is not altogether common for Connecticut blends. And the flavor profile didn’t kick off particularly well either. There’s cedar in the profile, along with a soot flavor on the front of the tongue. A minor sweetness is present… but that soot note is throwing off the flavor enough that it’s got me nervous for the outcome of my imaginary international negotiations.

First Third

Wow, the first inch brings a turn around in flavor that I did not expect. Everything offensive about this flavor fell away after about 10 puffs. Now the profile is pumping out a robust yet mild flavor with very little to offend the palate. Pepper and soot are no longer detectable at all (not even on the finish, which is where I find a lot of unpleasant flavors hang around). The profile now leads with cedar, almonds, vanilla sweetness, and a floral note. Now, I’m getting this very savory and refined flavor that has no real ability to offend any palate. Negotiations just took a major turn in the right direction.

Second Third

Creaminess and smoothness continue to dominate the flavor. Each puff presents a well balanced ‘first third’ profile. And the only noticeable difference is the retrohale. Throughout the second third, smoke coming through the nostrils offers a vanilla almond flavor that has me retrohaling way more than normal. At this point, I’d say that the Numero Uno just keeps getting better and better.

Final Third

Coming into the last puffs of the Numero Uno, there is still a lot going on. While many other cigars lose the bulk or all of their flavor in the final third, this blend still offers cedar, vanilla, and almonds. The floral note has fallen away, and there is a noticeable amount of increased strength. But the cigar isn’t heating up, which I expect with thinner ringed cigars like this 6.62×44. Even now, the smoke is cool and flavorful.

In the end, this blend seems perfectly suited for giving to a world leader… or someone who is exploring the world of high end mild cigars. But what really matters here is what you think of this cigar. So if you have had the Joya Numero Uno, please drop a comment and let everyone know what you think of it, because we’ll all learn better when we learn together.

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