How We Deal With Criticism In Cigars Online

If you’re spending time online, you’ll have no shortage of people’s opinions and criticism. Certainly, the cigar industry is no exception to that. So when it comes to facing the gnashing of teeth, Laurel Tilley and I will take you inside how we respond.

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The Macanudo Cru Royale is a medium plus bodied blend that uses tobaccos from Brazil, The Dominican, Ecuador, and Nicaragua to produce a robust flavor profile with lot’s of flavor. This is the blend we recommend to critics who accuse Macanudo cigars of being too mild.

Facing the Critics

Criticism is one of the best parts of human nature. It’s only through the fiery stills of constructive criticism that many of us learn about issues in our own lives that we need to work on. At the same time, criticism can become incredibly damaging when it ceases to be constructive. And that’s what you see all over the internet today.

No matter what you love to do, someone will eventually have some unpleasant words for you. And the cigar industry is no exception. Criticism pops up in comments, messages, videos, photos, and every other way we use technology to communicate with each other. The danger exists in that facing constant critics will eventually take a mental toll on any person. That’s why you’ve got to have a good way to deal with it!

Tim’s Outlook on Criticism

In my mind, there are a few different types of criticism. In the video, I mention compliments as one type. But for the purposes of this article, I’ll just outline the three negative types.

Types of Criticism
Constructive CriticsCritics in this category are incredibly helpful. They will tell you about your faults, but in a way that will actually help you to improve for the future. These are the kinds of critics you want in your life. (example: ‘You cut way too much off your cigars, and you’d have a better experience if you made shallower cuts’).
Unconstructive Yet Founded CriticsThese critics will hit the nail on the head… but not in a useful way. They’re the ones who typically just want to stir the pot. And they’re some of the most dangerous ones because they’ll pick a fact that’s true and try to use it to hurt you. (example: ‘Tim, you have a ridiculous gap between your teeth and it’s unattractive’).
Unconstructive And Unfounded CriticsThese are the guys and gals who swing for the fence. They’ll make accusations about people that have no basis in reality. Their criticisms are the most outlandish ones because they come from a universe of imagination. (example: ‘Tim, you have a thin blue line flag on your backdrop. That makes you a biased pig’).

Dealing With A Critic

I find criticisms from all three of these groups that pop up from time to time on the Cigars Daily Platform. Whenever I do, I typically ask myself, “what type of criticism is this?”

If a person is commenting with something that seems intended to be hurtful, I always have to ask myself if there’s something constructive to be gleaned from the interaction (even if the person is being a d-bag). Some of the best growth I’ve experienced as a person has come from listening to constructive critics in the cigar world.

On the other hand, there’s plenty of unhelpful and unuseful critics and criticisms out there. For those, I try to hold fast to the old addage:

If you don’t have anything nice to say, it’s best not to say anything at all.

Alice Roosevelt Longworth – via

I haven’t always done this as well as I’d like, but ignoring unhelpful critics has allowed me to focus on what’s important, and let go of pointless stuff like the color of my shirt, or the gap between my teeth.

At some point, we’re all going to encounter each of these types of critics. So here’s my question for you. How do you handle criticism in cigars online? Drop a comment down below!

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  1. The biggest difference between a critic and an aficionado is based in constructive criticism. A critic simply comments what they didn’t like or simply uses their opinion as a standard of measurement. An aficionado is able to see something for what it is, good and bad, rather than trying to force that thing to be what they wanted it to be.
    You can watch a movie and say you didn’t like it, but if you fail to follow that up with your own ideas about what you thought would have been more satificing to simply acknowledge that the movie “wasn’t your style” or “not for you”, you’re just a bad critic. The same rules apply to cigars, people, and on.

    You’re both great at what you do and you both seem like awesome people. Laurel rocks those power bangs along with whatever she wears and, as a guy with different ears myself, It hasn’t stopped Tim from being the super great guy he is. Y’all can sit down and light up with me anytime.

  2. i really liked this video. unfortunately “haters” typically dont get to know the person they say they dont like for xyz reason and then make an informed decision. unfortunately a prominent problem in the world. shrug / roll eyes. love you guys keep it coming.