Cigars Daily LIVE 205 (3 Things That Could Destroy Cigars In 2022)

NOTICE: Sadly, the footage of the AfterParty for this episode has been corrupted. You can watch the full episode here, but the AfterParty has been lost forever. Make sure you catch the show live on Sunday evenings at 6:00P MST. But future episodes will be watchable here with the AfterParty going forward.

HAPPY NATIONAL CIGAR DAY! Welcome to another stellar episode of Cigars Daily LIVE! This week, we’re discussing three dangerous things that could obliterate the cigar industry in 2022. Plus, we’ll be discussing all of your cigar questions and comments. There’s no guest for this video, just the production crew and myself getting ready to rock your world with the best damn cigar content online. So grab a great cigar, something special to pair it with, and drop a comment!

Tonight’s Lineup:

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  1. Very disappointed in the loss of the aftershow. I have children that are young and I live on the east coast so watching the whole thing live is not viable, I try to catch what I can live but I never get to see the whole thing so I always watch it the following morning. Really a bummer of a way to start my Monday.

  2. The Sampler pack showed up today and as always I can’t wait so I lit up the Elenor Rose. Tim is right, fantastic stick so far. Halfway through and love the flavors. Damn good cigar.

  3. What happened to the After Party segment??? I live in Botswana and I can’t watch live but until now all the previous episodes where available except this one…

    1. The file got corrupted and I had to use the download from youtube (which doesn’t have the afterparty). This is the only episode this will happen with. I found the problem and fixed it so all furture shows will have the afterparty.