Cigars Daily LIVE 185 + AfterParty (The Downfall of Top 25 Cigar Lists W/ Patrick L. from

This week my guest is Patrick Lagreid, editor of Halfwheel. And we’re chatting about the declining popularity of Top 25 cigar lists as we head into that time of the year when these lists pop up everywhere. Patrick and I be chatting about this issue and answering your cigar questions and comments. So light up something special, and join the conversation with a comment!

Tonight’s Lineup:

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  1. @CigarsDaily – Recently had an order where a Subramesa wasn’t not actually in stock when I had ordered it. Dustin actually called and offered a change. I said just pick something and that I trusted his decision. I not only got a great swap, but also a free extra American Viking for the trouble. I will continue to choose you guys over other sites that may offer a marginally better price because you guys flat out rock the customer service and shipping performance. Great job!!!!