Cigars Daily LIVE 176 + Afterparty (f. Jim Campbell & The Filthy Viking Lancero)

On this episode, my guest is Jim Campbell, my partner in Cigars Daily and American Viking. We just launched the Limited Edition Filthy Viking Lancero that we’ve been working on since February. Tonight we’re here to talk to you about the new blend, and all your cigar questions and comments. drop a comment and mention @cigarsdaily when you do.

Tonight’s Lineup:

Get a total variety of American Viking Cigars, Plus two of the Limited Edition Filthy Viking Lancero! Plus, you’ll save a grip on all eight of these Cigars Daily Nation Fan Favorite blends!

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  1. Regarding the Churchill discussion: I’ve read that his favourite Romeo Y Julieta was the “Julieta No. 2” which was the actual format back then. It was renamed to “Churchill” and now there’s a Romeo Y Julita Churchill, with an additional band saying “Churchill”. I guess that’s supposedly what he smoked. There’s also the “Romeo No. 2”, which is a cheaper/budget line, something completely different