Cigars Daily HQ 3.0 Humidor Reveal

Early this year we announced that we’re working to move into a new Headquarters for Cigars Daily… but this one is a little different than the other two. Aside from renting a new place, we bought this 5600 sq/ft stand alone building. It has been a lot of work to get to this point, and we still have a lot to do. But we’re finally at the point where I can take you inside and show you some of the new spaces, including the larger retail humidor!

Outfitting the Headquarters

This is our third Cigars Daily HQ in 3 years… which sounds as crazy as it feels. But it’s exactly what we needed to allow for the continued growth of our family owned cigar shop. And the growth of the business is what we had in mind as we put this place together.

Jim and I mapped out each portion of this building to host exactly the activities that are essential to the health of Cigars Daily. That’s why, as you’ll see in the video, the humidor and shipping areas are the two largest parts of the HQ. In fact, I think those two areas make up about a third of the entire building.

At the same time, we were able to increase the size of the lounge, studio, offices, and even the bathroom! These are areas that we’re feeling the most cramped in the current shop. The ones where we are starting to get cabin fever. And, at the same time, we have also been able to add some much needed new spaces – like offices, storage room, utility room, and a server room. That has been so exciting for everyone on staff. The new HQ has become the biggest topic of conversation around the shop throughout the day. Everyone is ready to have some more room to stretch their legs.

Building the Humidor

The retail humidor is one of the most important things we’ll do in the new shop. It’s a nice place, but without a rock star humidor, it won’t do anyone any good. So when we started deciding where each space would live in the new building, we new the humidor needed one essential consideration – it had to be big!

There were a few other major considerations Jim and I had to make for the retail humidor. The room had to be tightly enough sealed that it can hold moisture to maintain humidity. The room also needed to be mold resistant, and maintain our desired temperature. In the end, we were able to accomplish all of this with cork paint… which is exactly what it sounds like – paint made out of cork. The stuff does everything we need, and has the added benefit of keeping the room fire resistant for up to an hour.

As I shot this video, our carpenters were installing the humidor shelves. Even they were designed for function. Each one has a deep flat backstock area for boxes, and an angled ‘facing’ area for picking singles and 5-packs. We also made the shelves out of Oak. We used a hard wood for the shelves so that the shelves wouldn’t expand as much when we introduce humidity. We also know the humidor will have plenty of Spanish Cedar when we bring in the inventory (many of the cigar boxes are made of cedar).

What’s Next?

Obviously, there’s still a mountain of work to do before we can kick the doors open on our new shop. We still have to finish building the humidor shelves, install packing/shipping stations, build a studio backdrop, and then do the backbreaking work of actually moving.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be adding some finishing touches (for example, we’re going to likely put up some rock on the walls in the lounge). At this point we are still hopeful to move in sometime in early March. Then we’ll be starting fresh again with brand new digs, and even more capacity to offer you amazing deals on cigars with outstanding customer service.

The Big Question

As I mentioned in the video, we think we’ll be able to add some new brands to the humidor, so what cigar brands would you like to see on the shelves at Cigars Daily? Drop a comment down below!

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  1. So excited for the new place all the way from Jersey! I told my wife that I want to take a vacation to Arizona and she asked why? I said “to visit Cigars Daily of course!” Thanks for all you do and thanks for providing the best cigar prices around. Hopefully you can start to stock Ave Maria, La Aroma de Cuba, Nat Sherman, Rocky Patel and Ashton cigars. Just to name a few lol. Tim you are one of the reasons I got so into cigars. Your knowledge and enthusiasm are awesome. Thank again and best of luck with the new digs!

  2. Tim that space looks amazing! Great work! I’ve discovered many cigars through you. But there is one that I just tried and absolutely love that you don’t yet carry. And that is La Aroma de Cuba. Specifically the Edicion Especial #1. Would love to buy a box through Cigats Daily.

  3. Been following you for years now and have really enjoyed seeing all your success since branching out on your own and especially appreciate your opening the back door to provide insider views into the process and industry. Kudos and thanks from a recent transplant from NYC to Brasilia. Do I win the distance prize? Who says you can’t find your soulmate after 50 and reinvent yourself!

    My favorite ultra-boutique brands are Casdagli/Bespoke and Isabela and they are so exceptional, unique and rarely available that I think it would be a coup for CigarsDaily to provide your discerning customers.

  4. I just love your passion and excitement for the business you’re in. I’ve enjoyed following this journey from afar and am excited to see where else it goes. I’m kind of hoping the Cigars Daily HQ 4.0 is an East Coast expansion. Thanks for everything Tim!