Cigars and Whiskey Pairings 2022 Edition

There’s one thing that can turn a good cigar into a great cigar – the perfect pairing. There’s something special about taking the flavor of a premium blend and mashing it up with the taste of your favorite drink. And of all the drinks that people might chose for matching, there are few more popular than whiskey. In this video, I’ll take you through some perfect whiskey pairing cigars and even some whiskeys to consider breaking out while you smoke!

2022 Whiskey Pairing 5-Cigar Sampler + Whiskey Glass Set

Get all 5 of these whiskey worthy cigars in one convenient sampler, along with a free pair of whiskey glasses!

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  1. My go to are Highland Park 12 with a Mi querida/Triqui Traca. HP12 tends to go well with most cigars I like to smoke. I should stop posting, lately it’s getting harder to find HP 12. Please stop buying it, go find your own.

    One of the pairings I am astonished how well they go together, is a Laphroaig 10 and a Oliva Serie V in Maduro. Take it up a notch, with an Oban 14 and a Melanio maduro.


  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe five different whiskeys with five different cigars will give you a potential 3,125 different pairings, not 25. Please tell me that my math is better than drink Tim’s.

  3. THAT WAS GREAT TIM, the last minute was fantastic. Before I clicked on play for this video, I heated a small snifter and then put Bulleit Bourbon 10 Year into it. Then let the snifter float around the hot water for another minute or two. Lit up a Stolen Throne, Crook of the Crown and enjoyed both while watching. Fantastic pairing. Thank you