9 Stellar Cigars Under $5.00 (Extended)

These days, if you’ve got just $4.00 rattling around in your pocket, you can’t do very much. Fortunately in the world of cigars $4.00 still means something… hell, even $2.00 or $3.00 will still get you going! Here’s a look inside 9 stellar premium blends that’ll cost you less than a five spot, and still deliver on flavor!

The one’s I’ll show you here are some of the more popular ones in the Cigars Daily Humidor, but this is by no means an exhaustive list. So drop a comment with your favorite bargain blend!

I. Drew Estate Factory Smokes

Drew EstateFactory Smokes
Wrapper Options: Shade, Sun Grown, Maduro, Sweets
Blend Style: Cuban Sandwich
Price Range: $2.00 – $3.00

Drew Estate swung for the fences with this one. This has to be the absolute most affordably made cigar that exists! And not because it’s terrible or anything like that, but because of the price! The import taxes alone on this cigar constitute about $0.40 of the cigar’s price! That mean’s you’re looking at roughly $1.60 or so for Drew Estate and your local retailer to make money! It’s an amazing accomplishment, especially when you consider how much people love these things. Whether you’re a fan of mild, medium, or even sweet cigars, Factory Smokes has a blend for you.

II. American Viking Cigars Rico Barato

American Viking CigarsRico Barato
Wrapper Options: Connecticut, Maduro
Blend Style: Cuban Sandwhich
Price Range: $2.00 – $3.00

When Cigars Daily owners, Jim and Tim, set out to create American Viking Cigars, it was important to both of them to offer a high quality economy blend. This was because Tim had spent so much time in college and early marriage smoking bundled cigars. That was 18 years ago, and it’s amazing that you can still find real quality in premium cigars in the same price range. The Rico Barato is a cuban sandwich that’s designed to offer consistency in flavor and construction from cigar to cigar. If you’re looking for a cheap cigar with rich flavor, these blends have got your back.

III. My Father Tobacos Baez SF

My FatherTobacos Baez SF
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano
Blend Style: SF – Short Filler/Cuban Sandiwch
Price Range: $3.00

My Father is one of the most well known names in cigars today. Their blends are loved by people everywhere, and for a good reason. My Father Cigars is absolutely uncompromising when it comes to the quality of their tobacco and the construction of their cigars. Even the affordable Tobacos Baez comes in a classy cigar box, rather than a cellophane bundle. This is one of only a handful of economy blends that is truly FULL STRENGTH, with a more complex flavor profile. If you’re on a budget and hunting down a cigar that will leave your taste buds with something to think about, look no further!

IV. Flor De Oliva

OlivaFlor De Oliva
Wrapper Options: Connecticut, Sun Grown, Maduro
Blend Style: Long Filler
Price Range: $4.00

Flor de Oliva is one of very few brands that still has fiercely loyal customers. There are people who will ONLY smoke these low priced bundled cigars. Maybe it has to do with the higher end premium cigar flavor or the quality long filler construction. Whatever it is, there’s no denying the quality of these cigars. There are blends in the $7.00 range that don’t come close to offering the experience you’ll find in one of these.

V. Plasencia Reserva Original Nestico

Plasencia Reserva Original Nestico (4.5×36)
Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Blend Style:Long Filler (Organic)
Price: $3.98

The Plasencia family is one of the world’s primo high-end cigar makers. They’re not shy about releasing cigars that cost $20.00 PER STICK! Prices like those are enough to turn away a lot of cigar lovers… especially the economy focused folk out there. Fortunately, there’s a Plasencia blend that’s more affordable. The larger sizes of the Reserva Original sell for $7.00 – $9.00, but this quaint little Nestico size is just $3.98 per stick. It offers the balanced flavor of a more expensive cigar in a bite sized vitola that smokes in about 20-30 min. If you’re in the market for a work break cigar, you won’t want to over look the Plasencia Reserva Original Nestico.

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