6 Top $6.00 Cigars of 2021

These days, money doesn’t seem to go as far as it used to. There was a time when just $6.00 would get you A LOT. These days, you can hardly buy a hamburger with a Lincoln and Washington. However, that’s not entirely the case within the wonderful world of cigars. While $6.00 isn’t much in most places, you’ll find a bunch of cigars in the $6.00 range that are brimming with amazing flavor and construction. So let me take you through the best $6.00 cigars of 2021!

1. Asylum 13 Connecticut

The Asylum 13 Connecticut is a primarily Honduran blend with an Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper leaf. Light up one of these and you’ll know your money has gone to a great place that produces cigars with high quality construction and flavor!

Asylum 13 Connecticut Robusto (5×50)$6.76/each

2. JFR Connecticut

The JFR Connecticut is a special blend. Not only are these incredibly affordable, they’re also brimming with amazing mild flavor. This is one blend that far outweighs it’s lower price point. And it’s jam packed with the world renown Aganorsa Leaf tobacco!

JFR Connecticut Robusto (5.5×52)$6.05/each

3. Southern Draw 300 Hands Connecticut

Southern Draw makes A LOT of highly rated cigars. At the same time, they make some of the tastiest economy blends on the market. The 300 Hands Connecticut is a mild blend that uses tobaccos from five different countries – Nicaragua, Ecuador, Indonesia, Cameroon, and The Dominican Republic. I’m not sure how they craft such intricate blends so affordably… but I’ll enjoy them just the same.

Southern Draw 300 Hands Connecticut Peite Edmundo (4.75×52)$6.40/each

4. Oliva Serie O

Oliva’s Serie O knocked me off my feet a couple months ago, when I reviewed the time tested blend and found it to be an absolute flavor bomb. It’s an entirely habano blend that produces a medium bodied favor with notes of woods and leather. Light into one of these to taste the flavor that made Oliva a house hold name in the world of cigars!

Oliva Serie O Robusto (5×50)$6.57/each

5. Gran Habano Persian King Maduro

Gran Habano makes some popular cigars. But none of them seem to have the following that the Persian King does. Maybe it’s the unrelenting rich flavor. Maybe it’s the $6.00 shelf price. Whatever it is, it’s got people everywhere lighting these bad boys up. Put a match to the foot of this cigar to taste notes of chocolate, coffee, and leather with a brilliant sweetness.

Gran Habano Persian King Rajah Maduro (6×50)$6.00/each

6. Perdomo Lot 23 Maduro

Perdomo Cigars have been around for a very long time. They make some incredible blends. One such blend, the Lot 23, is completely unique in it’s construction. It uses binder and filler leaves from just one crop (the crop located at lot 23). Nonetheless, this cigar comes wrapped in a broadleaf wrapper, and offers a wildly diverse flavor profile!

Perdomo Lot 23 Maduro Robusto (5×50)$6.50/each

Grab all of these cigars in one convenient sampler here:

Shop the sampler above to save even more on all 6 of these amazing $6.00 cigars! Also, drop a comment with your favorite $6.00 blends!

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  1. Literally two days ago I was at a cigar store and picked up a bunch of $6 sticks, some mentioned here, some not.

    Oliva O and V (V being a bit expensive). Asylum 13 Connecticut ($6.17 on clearance), Excalibur Maduro ($12 BOGO), Charter Oak Connecticut, and an RP Edge Corojo.

    I just don’t like Olivas. I go through and try em once a year maybe but I just don’t like them. Excalibur Maduros are a go to for me. The other ones, Charter Oak and Edge, I am good for buying a few times a year, and the Asylum 13 was new to me. It was good but not enough to make me want one again.

    I do keep my humidor stocked with Asylum’s Schizo Maduros as yard gars though. They’re surprisingly great.