Why I Can’t Stand New Cigar Makers

If there’s one thing cigar shop owners learn very quickly it’s that there is no shortage of new brands these days. They must procreate similarly to rabbits or something like that because every year they parade through cigar shops all over the country sharing their exciting new brands. But in reality, most of them won’t last. So it’s not always a good idea for cigar shops to give these new brands a chance. And at the same time, some of the best brands of the future are still coming out. In this video, I’ll take you through my take on this, and how I decide who makes the cut.

In This Video:

Dunbarton Mi Querida

Dunbarton Mi Querida Triqui Traca

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  1. I have a regular rotation:
    Plasencia Alma Fuerte ($$)
    Arturo Fuente Don Carlos ($)
    Macanudo Maduro ($)

    I keep trying new things because that is how I established that rotation and to mix up some variety:
    Super Fly by Oscar Valladares (I really wanted to hate it because of the name, but I really like it) – and I’ll probably try McFly, too.
    Ghurka Ghost (Exorcist/silver)
    Alec Bradley Magic Toast

    … and several others.
    Not everything I try is a “winner” or not enough of a “winner” to unseat a stick in my rotation (by taste, experience, price, etc.), but I find enough “good-uns” to keep my tastes growing.

  2. Yeah, my local B&M has a meet the maker event every few weeks. Sometimes they are good, sometimes they are just disappointing. Went to one a few weeks back where the ash actually flaked off on me the entire time I was smoking it. That was a solid no! Keep the great content coming