Trying Out Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Cigar Trick

Of all the famous cigar smokers to ever live, Arnold Schwarzenegger has got to be the most notable (with the limited exception of Winston Churchill). Aside from appearing on the cover of cigar magazines, Arnold is an actual cigar smoker. He enjoys them in the same way that so many of us do. So what happens when Arnold violates a classic aficionado pet peeve? Does that mean we all rethink our ways, and become more open minded? Time to find out.


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The Cuevas family has five generations of cigar making experience all summed up into one out of this world line of premium cigar blends. In this video, I used the Casa Cuevas Habano. It is a medium strength blend with tobaccos from Nicaragua, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic. If you are looking for a cigar with outstanding flavor and construction, look no further than the cigars that bear the Cuevas family name.

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  1. I can see curing cigars in used whiskey casks, wine barrels, etc., but I would prefer to pair a given cigar with the whiskey/whine/beer/cocktail I’m drinking without actually dipping the cigar.
    Having said that, if you someone doing it … don’t be a dick! 😉

  2. I tried it after seeing that video and I enjoyed it.. like you said, good enough for Arnold, good enough for me!! I hope Around sees your review and invites himself over and does a video with you Tim.. that would be too cool!

  3. I believe in smoking them as you enjoy them, but I personally doubt I will be trying this. Maybe if I just don’t like it and need to do something to make it enjoyable…maybe. I typically do my research before buying and see if the character of the cigar is something I might enjoy. I want to taste what the master blender created to share with the world. It doesn’t mean it’s wrong. It’s just not something I would choose to do at this point in my journey.

  4. I’ve been doing something like this for years. When I try a new cigar, sometimes I buy the entire box, I just can’t help myself. If they aren’t to my liking , I take a good aged bourbon and a very very small amount of agave nectar and put it on a plate. Then roll the cigars in it and put them on a rack to dry, then after they dry I do it at least twice more. It makes a “not every day smoke” but a dessert or early morning smoke. I always have a few of them if I want em.