Top Cigars With Sizzle For the Summer and Spring 2022

Spring and Summer are in full swing (unless you live in one of those freakish parts of the country where it’s been weirdly snowing in April), and that means it’s time to find a good cigar to pair with sunny weather and hopefully some serious vacation time. Let me take you through some perfectly unique cigars that each offer something special for the brightest time of the year.

Camacho Factory Unleashed & Factory Unleashed 2

I like the way Camacho does their limited releases. They typically make multiple production runs on the blends, so they’re around for a while. Sorta like the McRib. This makes it devastating when they go away, but fantastic while it lasted. So you can enjoy the rich bold flavor of the Corojo or Connecticut blends, and feel ok falling in love… for a while


Drew Estate Kentucky Fire Cured MUWAT

This blend sets itself apart from any other cigar you’ve ever had with a completely unique campfire flavor. They use a rugged Mexican San Andres wrapper leaf with proprietary fillers that smoke like a chimney and bring the smoker straight back to their favorite camping memories.

Espinosa 601 Black

Erik Espinosa has a vision not just of the blending but the rolling of his cigars as well. His rollers know how to arrange the filler tobaccos just right to create depth and character to a cigar’s flavor. This Connecticut blend offers a smooth and subtle experience with balanced flavors of cedar, vanilla, cream, and sweetness.

Montecristo White Series

Montecristo is one of the most classic and classy brands in the cigar world. It wouldn’t be tough to make the argument that Montecristo is the Mercedes Bens of the cigar world. And the White Series offers a top shelf balance of rich Ecuador Connecticut flavor that has rendered it a time tested cigar.

Foundation Charter Oak Habano

I don’t know how Nick Melillo makes Charter Oak. The cigars are like $6 – $7 and they’re stellar blends. The Habano blend offers a steady medium strength experience that doesn’t slam the palate with pepper or spice. Instead, it comes with a satiating experience that fills the palate.

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