Top 5 Cigars for $5 00 in 2021 (EXTENDED)

$5.00 doesn’t seem to go as far as it use to. As prices on goods and services get higher and higher every year, it makes that 5-spot a little less rewarding to find in your pocket. Fortunately, in the cigar world, having $5.00 still means something. Here are 5 cigars that you can pick up any day of the week if you happen to find a Lincoln wadded up in your pocket.

Here are your TOP 5 Cigars for $5.00 (Plus a bonus for the Cigars Daily Plus watchers)

Alec Bradley American Classic$5.90

Alec Bradley’s American Classic isn’t a new cigar. It’s been around for years, but somehow maintains a modest shelf price in the $5.00 range. The blend is a combination of Nicaraguan and Honduran tobaccos with a flavor profile that produces notes of wood, nuts, earth, grass, and hay. If you’re a fan of mild cigars, this one might just be a daily smoke for you.

Gilberto Oliva Blanc$5.92

Oliva Cigars has a long and rich history of producing amazing favor at modest prices. But the Gilberto is a brand all it’s own. This economy blend is a mix of Ecuadorian and Nicaraguan tobaccos that offers a creamy flavor profile with notes of cedar, nuts, and earth. If you want a mild creamy blend that doesn’t break the bank, Gilberto’s got your back.

Punch Knuckle Buster Habano$5.00

Punch is one of the most time honored Honduran brands in the cigar world. Among all their highly rated blends, the Knuckle Buster is the most affordable blend to date. Using mostly Habano tobaccos, this $5.00 cigar offers a simple but creamy medium bodied flavor profile that has become somewhat of a ‘love it or hate it’ flavor for many cigar smokers.

La Gloria Cubana Esteli$5.22

La Gloria Cubana’s new Esteli brings an economic blend to one of the world’s most celebrated cigar brands. This $5.00 cigar uses tobaccos from Nicaragua and Honduras to produce a medium bodied flavor profile with robust notes of cedar, chocolate, leather, and sweetness.

Southern Draw Quick Draw Broadleaf$5.83

Looking for a bold but affordable flavor? Look no further than the Quick Draw Broadleaf from Southern Draw. This full bodied blend offers amazing sweetness with tasting notes of leather, dark chocolate, cocoa, and espresso. This is one affordable blend that offers flavor far beyond it’s pricetag.

El Rey Del Mundo$5.40

El Rey Del Mundo is a classic cigar brand that’s lived in the economy price range for years. It uses a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper over Honduran binders and fillers to offer a smooth, creamy and balanced flavor profile with a dark rich flavor profile with notes of dark chocolate and mocha!

What’s your top $5.00 cigar?

As I mention in the video, these are not the only $5.00 cigars on the market. So drop a comment with your best economy blends!

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  1. I have had the El Rey Del Mundo. Good cigar, but mine was too harsh. Not smooth. I had one once that was good, so I bought a box and basically relegated it to the “smoke only when it doesn’t matter what you smoke” pile.

    My favorite cheapies are probably PDR’s set that you can sometimes buy for $5 a stick, the 1876 or whatever. I don’t remember.

    My local cigar shop has an in-house brand called Rocky Patel Edge Newborn. 5 for $20, and they taste a lot like Edges, but made worse. I like those too.

    That’s all I’ve got!