Top 5 Box Worthy Cigars of 2021 (Extended)

There hasn’t been a better time in history to be a cigar lover than today. There’s so much variety available that you’ll never run out of new blends to try. That also means that people are buying fewer boxes of cigars as they gravitate toward variety samplers. And if most people are going to buy a box, it had better be a pretty special box. So here are 5 epic box worthy cigars in 2021!

I. Drew Estate Undercrown Corona Pequena (4×44)

This is a new pint sized version of one of Drew Estate’s most popular blends. It comes in a convenient 4×44 size that’ll take you about 30-40 minutes to enjoy. It offers the highly rated flavor of the Undercrown line with a $5 shelf price! Plus, boxes come jam packed with 32 cigars. That means you’re getting a perfect mix of price and flavor.

II. My Father La Promesa Corona Gorda (5.5×48)

This bold blend matches powerful flavor with an incredible story. La Promesa is the fulfillment of a promise that Jose ‘Pepin’ Garcia made to his family, when he left Cuba, to make his family proud of his success abroad. The blend itself offers a bold flavor that’s delivered by a Habano Rosado Oscuro wrapper over Nicaraguan Binders and Fillers. My Father fans will already have this on their radar. Everyone else would be wise to give it a try.

III. Oliva Melanio No. 4 (4.5×46)

Oliva’s Serie V Melanio is easily one of the most popular special occasion cigars of all time. The blend offers incredibly smooth medium bodied flavor without the sky high premium prices of other top shelf blends. These little flavor bombs also come in boxes of 10, which makes it easy to light one up… even when you’re just celebrating the end of another day.

IV. Souther Draw Cedrus (5.5×52)

Southern Draw’s Cedrus is on this list for one simple reason – immense flavor! This cigar offers some of the best and most vivid full strength flavor I’ve found in any cigar anywhere. It’s not every day that I tell you a cigar is worth every penny of an $11 shelf price! But this one has got the stuff. Light one of these up, and you’ll be mayor of flavortown in no time!

V. American Viking Obrigado Corona (5.5×42)

This blend earned a special place in the hearts of lots of cigar smokers when it was released as a limited edition blend in February of 2019. It was so well received that we made it a regular production cigar when we launched American Viking Cigars. Now it’s the most popular size of the Obrigado blend. Plus, while other 20 count cigars boxes tend to cost $160 – $200, a box of Obrigado Corona’s will only set you back $126.

VI. Camacho Imperial Stout Barrel Aged (6×50)

The folks over at Camacho are the masters of bold cigar flavor. That’s why internet cigar legends Cigar Dojo went to them when they wanted to put out this powerful stout beer barrel aged cigars. If you like strength, these cigars have got you covered. Plus, like some of the other cigars on this list, these come in a convenient bite sized 10-count box.

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  1. The obrigado in corona is a staple in my humidor. Aladino Cameroon in toro and the aladino elegante are as well. I have to have salad unstolen valor in stock for those rare times. The Henry Clay warhawk in toro. The punch egg roll and chop suey but the one I can’t live without is the punch kung pow. This cigar is so good I’m about to get my fourth box. They are so good.

  2. I always bought singles but over the past few months have added quite a few boxes. Currently have boxes of Island Jim #2, Oscar Valladares Super Fly, EPC Pledge, Undercrown Maduro, Undercrown Shade, Iconic Recluse Los Cabos, and Oliva Serie V. I also end up buying the Umbagog by the bundle more often than I’d like to admit.