Three Purest Ways to Light A Cigar

You’ll hear all kinds of things from cigar connoisseurs about the ‘right’ way to light a cigar. There are a lot of opinions out there, but like many wonderful parts of the cigar world, there is more than one right way to go about this. Here are the top three purest ways to light a cigar, and how to do each one.


HINT: When you order on, you can request stuff like matches or spanish cedar when you checkout, and we’ll throw it in for free!

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  1. Great overview Tim! As a newer cigar smoker I can only say that I have used butane and matches. I will definitely have to try the Ceder spills at some point. For me I break it down to the cost of the cigar, if I am smoking something a bit more on my higher end, I try to use matches. However, for most of my sticks I just use butane as it is more consistent for me to get an even burn.

    Thanks Again!

  2. I have never personally used any of the others I just used a very cheap bic lighter from a convenience store to light my vegas de jalapa cigars I buy in bulk, but I think I will try using some matches but while I practice i think im gonna buy the cigars daily lighter for both a soft flame and torch flame to light up my cigars