The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Cigars

Getting into cigars can be a little daunting. There’s a lot to know, but the good news is at the core cigars are simple. In this video, I’ll take all the mystery out of cigars, and help you learn more about how to get the most out of the hobby. This channel also has tons of tutorials. So check the list of links below for some more relevant videos. You can also subscribe and flip on notifications to get the most up to date content.

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  1. I totally used to cut too deep when I started smoking cigars about a year and a half ago so totally recommend a cutter with a back. Also definitely give a stick a 2nd chance. Because of that I’ve grown to love Mexican San Andres & Broadleaf wrappers.

  2. I agree with your leaf discussion. The very first cigar I had was a Diesel Rage. Oh my god it was horrible because it was so strong and peppery. It has a dark leaf wrapper and was told by someone that since it was a dark leaf wrapper that i was going to be like that. Next cigar after that was a Drew Estates Fat Bottom Betty. I looked at the wrapper and thought to myself, “great, another cigar that’s going to suck!” Oh my lord was I wrong! That Betty was the best cigar for my palate ever! I am pretty new to cigars and love sweets. After the Betty, it was Sweet Jane because I wanted to stick with Drew Estates and boy ill tell you what, Drew Estates is my favorite and cant wait to keep trying all their other flavors!

  3. Thanks for doing videos like this. Just getting started in the cigar world thanks to my partner at work on the ambulance. Your videos have been a great source of info for learning and I have found the live show, and its community, a ton of fun as well. Part of the thing I find so intriguing with this is how little or far you can dive into the intricacies of the world of cigars. It’s the same thing I liked when getting into whiskeys and I am looking forward to combining these 2 interests/hobbies. Keep up the great work.