The One Way To Roll A Cigar With Real Consistency

When it comes to the quality of a cigar, consistency (the similarity of flavor from cigar to cigar on the box) and construction are as important as the quality of the flavor itself. In this video, Erik Espinosa of Espinosa Cigars will show you how he has perfected the art of consistency with his cigars.

In this video:

It’s an interesting argument (4:07 in the video) that Erik makes about rolling cigars with real consistency. Rollers do routinely tear off pieces of tobacco to even the length of the filler for a particular size. Then they replace all of those torn-off pieces back into their hand to fill in loose spots. But those little pieces of tobacco they’re placing into the filler are also different kinds of leaves. A cigar will be filled with several different types of leaves called Volado, Seco, Viso, and Ligero. Each leaf brings something different to the blend. So the random peppering of leaf tips (which I’m told add more flavor than the rest of the leaf) could change a blend, and maybe even change it a lot. One cigar might come out with a lot of pepper at light up, while another cigar from the same box might not have that pepper until the second… or not at all. So Erik has his rollers separate the different leaves and place them at the same point in each cigar. And while it may not make every cigar taste exactly the same, it sounds like it could be the key to the impressive consistency that Espoinosa Cigars seem to have.

I like the idea, but I also think there are a lot of cigar smokers out there who enjoy the little variations. They’re the type of people who never want to order the same dish twice, and drive everyone in the car crazy by changing the radio station 10 million times. But that’s just a hunch. What about you? How important is consistency when it comes to enjoying your cigars?

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