The Best Cigars For Women

Women represent a powerful and fast growing segment of the cigar world. Today, more than ever, you’ll see gals lighting up and joining the cigar community all over the place. Yet, the cigar industry still has a bit of a reputation for being ‘a man’s thing’. And that’s certainly not the case. The truth is, cigars are for every adult that wants to enjoy the flavor, experience, and community that comes with the #cigarlife. In this video, I’ll take you through several categories of cigars that are most frequently recommended for women. If you’re a woman… or a man looking for a way to get your gal into cigars, here’s your guide to some inviting blends.

Top Recommendations For The Ladies 5 Cigar Sampler

The 5 cigars from this video are the perfect way to take a tour of the different categories of cigars that are traditionally loved by the ladies. Whether you want a sweet treat or more of a traditional temptation this 5 cigar sampler will set you up, and keep some extra cash in your wallet!

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