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Foundation's Tabernacle is a Connecticut Broadleaf cigar with full body and full strength. The flavor profile springs to life at light up with notes of dark chocolate, oak, cocoa, and a coffee finish. This is a great cigar for the full bodied cigar fanatic who wants excellent balance and consistency.

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Among dark bold broadleaf blends, few get the love and affection that Nick Melillo’s Tabernacle does. This combination of Broadleaf, Mexican San Andres, Nicaraguan and Honduran leaves is supposed to offer robust flavor over a full strength and full body profile. It all sounds very nice, but my question is – can this dark cigar offer the kind of balanced flavor to satisfy the ever discerning cigar connoisseur? And the only way to find out is with a cut and a light!

Wrapper:Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder:Mexican San Andres
Filler:Honduran & Nicaraguan
Size:5×50, Robusto

Light Up

Flavor comes pouring out of the Tabernacle at light up, even as the flame of my torch still touches the foot of the cigar. Among the surprisingly full light up profile, the thing that stands out the most is a very thick, creamy, chewy texture to the smoke. It’s not common to find so much body in a cigar from the first puffs.

The flavor profile doesn’t spare any details early on either. Notes of dark chocolate, cocoa, and oak come through with a reasonable balance. I can think of a lot of cigars that profile would be a nice thing to find at any point in the smoke, but the Tabernacle gives both barrels right away. Even wrapper sweetness is noticeably present. I can’t find a lot to pick on, aside from a bad burn, from this point. But there’s a long way to go.

First Third

Nearing the end of the first third, there are few notable changes to the flavor. Full strength continues to barrel forward with thick chewy smoke and notes of dark chocolate, oak, and cocoa. At this point, the burn is still off a bit (though it doesn’t appear to be canoeing like it wanted to at light up). The draw and ash also show off the cigar’s construction. Even with the bad burn, the Tabernacle holds an inch and a half long ash. And the draw requires a near perfect amount of resistance.

Second Third

Passing through the halfway point, this blend offers NO apex of flavor. This is the point where most cigars hit their stride with amazing balance and creaminess (if there’s any creaminess to be had), but the Tabernacle achieved that kind of balance and exemplary flavor so early on that there hasn’t seemed to be much space for the blend to hit that kind of stride. If you’re the type of cigar smoker who really wants twists and turns of flavor with transitions, this blend might not impress you. But for a consistent cigar, this one is becoming a formidable opponent for many other cigars on the market.

The only notable change, to this point, has been the development of a coffee finish. After all the smoke is gone, and the flavor with it, there’s a taste of coffee on the palate that draws me back for another puff each time.

Final Third

Nearing the last draw, some changes to flavor have begun to occur. Strength has begun to rise, even on this already full strength blend. Some notes have begun to become muted, but what stands out here is how much flavor remains. Even the coffee finish is still present in the final third.

The whole experience with this blend has been one of balance and consistency. There’s so much good about this blend that I’d have a hard time finding another cigar to recommend for smokers who already love the Tabernacle. But what really matters here is what you think of this cigar. If you have had the Tabernacle, drop your rating and a comment down below and let everyone know what you think about it.

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