Spoiler Alert!! Inside Oliva’s Cigar Calendar

Oliva’s 25-Cigar Calendar is a play on the traditional advent calendar. The big difference… this one comes with 25 premium cigars rather than 25 random and disappointing chocolates. Plus, this one comes packed with some rare, limited, and unreleased blends along with a extra goodie that Oliva just threw in. In this video, we’ll take they mystery out of this box. Let’s cut into this thing to see exactly what it has to offer.

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  1. Last year was fantastic. looks like this year is going to be even better. I loved the daily mystery cigar which I started on Dec 1 and made it through the holiday. I just had find different drinks to pair with each one.

  2. I actually got the Smoke Inn one AND the Tatuaje one. I am going to do one in Nov and one in Dec. I love the concept and it’s a really cool way to try new stuff! One step I would like to see is some kind of social aspect added to it.