Reviving Forgotten Treasures: Aging 20+ Year Old Cigars Without Ruining Them!

In This Video:

Some cigars are primed for aging, others are perfect just how they are. Get both types on!

Imagine someone gave you 20+ year aged cigars, but they had not been very well kept. Could you revive them… would you? In this captivating video, we delve into the intriguing world of cigar aging, exploring the question: Can 20+ year old cigars be revived after being neglected without a humidor?

Join me as I read an email from a viewer who stumbled upon a treasure trove of aged cigars and seeks to breathe new life into them. Discover the essential elements of aging cigars, the importance of consistent temperature and humidity, and the types of humidors that safeguard your precious smokes during the aging process.

We’ll discuss the potential duration of cigar aging and how my own perspective on this topic has evolved over time. If you’re a cigar enthusiast or curious about the art of aging, this video is a must-watch! Uncover the secrets of preserving and reviving vintage cigars as we embark on a journey into the fascinating world of cigar aging. Don’t miss out on this captivating discussion – hit that play button now and let’s dive into the world of cigar aging together!

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  1. Ive had great success with aging cigars. The 2 best cigars I’ve had in my lifetime was a 3 year ages Padron Nautral 2000, and a 1 year aged Oliva Melanio Maduro. Now I have 500+ cigars aging, to try and get those profiles back in the my mouth. Great video as always Tim! By the way the aged Padron, was in a wooden humidor with fluctuations, and the Oliva in perfect constant humidity and temps in a Tupperdor. I now have 6 Tupperdors. Tupperdor is the way to go for me, as I keep the house AC at 74-76.

  2. Hey Tim. I just got my Needone 48L. Moving up from some tupperdors that the temp was all over the place, just the nature of the house. I have been keeping them at 65% with Bovada. I have been going through your videos and you touch a bit on humidity, why i went with the 65%, but i don’t hear much about temp. Being that the physical amount of moisture in the air at 65%RH is different depending on the temp. What is the Ideal temp for a 65%RH temp-controlled humidor? Where do you keep your personal humidors?

    1. Ideal temp is something I worry about a little less than consistent temp. Since you have the Needone, you’re temp is going to be rocking. Personally, I set my temp around 70 – 72 degrees and leave it. But it also depends on the ambient temp where you’ll be smoking. If you’re somewhere hotter, you may want to keep that temp a tad higher. Maybe 73. But if you’re somewhere considerably cooler, you might consider 68 – 70.