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The My Father No. 1 is the flagship blend of My Father Cigars. It's a medium strength cigar with a Habano Rosado wrapper and tasting notes of cinnamon, vanilla, cedar, black pepper, and sweetness. There's an impressive quality to the flavor. But more impressively, this cigar offers brilliant notes immediately from light up! This is the perfect cigar for anyone who wants something unique with that single barrel whiskey level of refinement.

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The My Father No. 1 is touted as the ‘highest scored and most prestigious brand’ in My Father’s portfolio. Those are some big claims, especially for a cigar maker who already has so many fan favorite blends. My question with this blend is – can it still deliver that ‘most prestigious flavor that will keep up with everything else people have come to love from My Father? The only way to find out is with a cut and a light.

My FatherNo. 1
Wrapper: Habano Rosado
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Strength: Medium
Size: 5.25×54, Robusto
Price: 10.40

Light Up

Even as the flame still touches the foot of the My Father No. 1, brilliant flavor is coming through. It’s a medium strength flavor with vibrant notes of cinnamon, vanilla, and cedar. On the retrohale, there’s some black pepper that zings through the nostrils. It’s surprising to find some of these notes at light up. Vanilla, more than anything else, is a pleasant surprise. Especially as it comes in nice balance with the rest of the profile.

Though it’s not mentioned in the video, the draw is a bit tighter than I typically like it. But it’s certainly not so bad that it will take anything away from the experience.

First Third

After an inch of smoking, this cigar has developed a nearly pure white ash. It’s a visually pleasant thing, but a novel part of the cigar experience. What stands out most in the first third is the flavor. There has been no real changes to the flavor at all. Everything tastes identical to the light up profile, which is an impressive point for consistency. A good cigar should offer as much of the flavor profile as possible from light up, and this blend has hit the bullseye. There’s also a nice balance to the whole blend. Flavor notes are all nearly equally represented, which is a sure sign of a well blended cigar.

Second Third

At the halfway point, this blend continues to provide the best consistency I’ve found just about anywhere. The profile is as solid and stead as an oak… though no oak notes are actually present. I did get to watch the burn waiver back and forth, though it never got bad enough that it required a touch up. If you’re looking for a cigar with transitions, this one might not float your boat. But if you’re looking for a high quality and steady flavor, this is shaping up to be the best cigar for that.

Final Third

After more than an hour of smoking, this cigar is finally showing some signs of weakness. The flavor profile has fallen away as I’ve come close to the nub. The strength has come up to a nearly wholly full strength blend. This is also the one place through the whole cigar that I’ve gotten any kind of transition. In the absence of cinnamon, vanilla, and cedar, this offers some dark roasted coffee with a side of nicotine strength.

Through and through this was a high quality blend. The flavor profile wasn’t that of your run of the mill Habano. It offered a diverse set of notes that I don’t find accompanying each other in any other cigars. It’s one thing to have a unique blend, but it’s another to have a unique blend that performs as well as this one!

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