My Father Jaime Garcia Cigar Review

I have a lot of Connecticut Broadleaf blends in the Cigars Daily Humidor. Even My Father Cigars has plenty of Broadleaf in their catalog. But My Father’s Jaime Garcia is easily one of the most popular broadleaf blends I have encountered. I’m curious to know what it is about this cigar that has people so excited to stock up on them. And the only way to find out is with a cut and a light.

My FatherJaime Garcia Reserva Especial
Wrapper:Connecitcut Broadleaf
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 5.25×52
Price: $7.30

Light Up

This blend starts off with a bang… but not the type I’m used to. While there is brilliant chocolate immediately upon lightup, this blend lacks any typical broadleaf pepper. There is a floral note coming through on the retrohale, along with a nice coffee finish. It’s not the typical bold light up, especially as this blend sits at medium strength.

First Third

An interesting division of flavor occurs in the first third. While there are chocolate and coffee notes on the tongue. The retrohale holds the bulk of the profile. There’s a graham cracker note along with a nice raisin sweetness. These are two flavor features I can usually taste on the tongue, but here they’re only coming through that retro. But I have to say, the graham cracker note is a very welcome one… especially so early in the smoke.

Second Third

Second third, same as the first. No transitions of flavor are found here. The balance is still the same as it was in the first third, with part of the profile on the tongue and the rest in the nose. The smoke has a thick, creamy, chewy consistency, which compliments the notes in the profile in a big way.

Final Third

Now, this is where I’m most impressed with the Jaime Garcia. In the final third, this cigar holds on to a lot of flavor. It’s not as filled out as it was earlier, but notes of chocolate, coffee, and graham cracker. These are three great parts of the flavor to have intact so close to the final draw. This level of final third flavor is very rare.

In the end, this blend provides a smooth, creamy, robust flavor profile with brilliant flavor notes. It’s definitely recommended for anyone who wants to grow their palate. But what about you? Drop a comment with your opinion of the Jaime Garcia from My Father Cigars.

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