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The Diesel Crucible is a Limited Edition Blend (only 3000 boxes made), that offers a full strength and quite peppery experience. Light up one of these and you'll taste notes of black coffee, leather, graham cracker, sweetness, and... pepper! Lots of pepper! If you're looking for a no-holds-barred flavor & Strength bomb, look no further!

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The New Diesel Crucible was made to be an ode to strong premium cigar flavor. It’s not the first bold blend from this powerful brand, but it’s the third limited edition blend in the Elixir Series, which started with the Hair of the Dog and Delirium. Now, this bold blend is supposed to offer a bold but balanced flavor with a rare Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. My question is, can this cigar produce the boldness that Diesel fans expect while still pumping out an amazing flavor profile. And the only way to find out is with a cut and a light.

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Honduran & Nicaraguan
Size:6×50, Toro
Price: $10.00

Light Up

This blend features one of the hallmarks of Nicaraguan Ligero leaf with a strong pepper at light up. Be careful retrohaling this cigar early on! Push too much smoke through your nostrils, and your brains are liable to come out too.

In addition to powerful pepper, this blend gives off notes of black coffee and leather. It’s a simple light up profile for a limited edition cigar, but there’s a long way to go. Let’s see what happens in the first third.

First Third

After about an inch and a half of smoking, the flavor has come to life in a really good way. The bold characteristics of the light up profile were good, but now there’s a very clear graham cracker note and some sweetness in the mix. These two additions have given this full strength blend a much more dynamic flavor (less one dimensional). This is a flavor that will keep me coming back and puffing for more.

Second Third

At the halfway point, there are no significant transitions. However, the two things that stand out most about this blend are the very vivid flavor notes and the pepper that shows up in the back of the throat.

Flavor notes with this profile are particularly vivid, which is just a fancy way of saying that they’re easy to pick out. The notes are clearly separated from each other and well balanced. And the pepper in this flavor appears in a couple of places. There’s a clear pepper on the retrohale, and again in the back of the throat (this reminds me of the pepper I get from the Honduran Binder that I’m currently barrel aging with Diesel’s help right now).

Final Third

Coming into the last inch of the Crucible there flavor profile has simplified. This is pretty normal when nearing the end of most cigars, and at this point only a couple flavor notes remain – black coffee and graham crackers. The good news is that these are the two flavor notes that go together the most. This makes the final third a very strong finish for what has been a dynamic and interesting full strength pepper bomb!

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  1. I was trying to leave this an 8.8 rather than a 6.6.the rating system is a little finicky on a phone. it’s no Whiskey Row… They set a really high bar and can’t clear it with this stick. Casting that aside, it’s still got your par profiles from a higher quality, don’t want to concentrate on it, kind of smoke.