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The cigar industry is not known for its ability to change a tremendous amount over time. The people of the cigar world have learned how to adapt, but cigars themselves rarely change much. However, for the last 15-20 years, we’ve seen A LOT of change in cigars. New brands, blends, sizes, leaves, and flavor profiles have been popping up everywhere! So I wanted to take you through a new cigar that has me kinda excited, and even show you a couple new things around the Cigars Daily HQ 3.0!

WrapperMexican San Andres Marron
StrengthMedium – Full
Price$7.00 – $9.00

Of course, I’m doing some new things in the studio, shop, and humidor. So I’ll ask you here – what brands do you want to see Cigars Daily carry on our website?

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  1. Great video Tim! Place looks great and plan to visit this year! Here are some new lines that would be nice to add to the great catalog:
    Illusione, Caldwell, and Tatuaje.
    *Will you get the Le Careme from Crowned Heads?!
    Thanks and Many more blessings to CD!

    1. Thanks Roger! I can’t wait to show you the place brother! As far as Le Careme, I’ve actually discontinued Crowned Heads as a whole. Le Careme has been backordered from the factory for over a year, and we’re making some shelf space available for new brands in our humidor.

    1. On another note, the times seem to be wrong on the site. I left that comment at 9:46am CST not 3:45pm CST.
      Also, the videos are needing to buffer quite a bit, I think your host needs to allocate you a little more bandwidth.

  2. As I’ve said on the R&J Reserva Real Nicaragua video, this one is also having loading issues. So is the R&J Nicaragua Connecticut video. Sometimes they’re fine, sometimes they’re not.

  3. Love what you guys are doing the flag comment felt like a laugh in the face which I feel is always bad as a customer service but nothing that would keep me from supporting you guys personally. I would love to be Abel to get my hands on some mbombay sticks

    1. Yeah, it’s certainly never my goal to slap anyone in their face for what they feel/believe, but I also want to be able to present the things that we’re proud of at Cigars Daily. Thanks for your constructive comment about it!