If Anyone Lights Up An Alec Bradley, I’m Calling The Cops!

In this video, I’m lighting up an Alec Bradley Prensado Lost Art… but if I see you lighting one up, I’m calling the cops!!! Let me tell you why. Also, in this video, we’re doing another rotation of our barrel aging Honduran Habano binder leaf from Diesel Cigars. So a huge thanks to Diesel for the leaf and to OHSO Distillery for the barrels!


I got set off this week by the Alec Bradley Prensado as it became the sole item ordered on about a dozen fraudulent orders on our site. Each order contained 20 Prensados and a bunch of red flags!

This is one thing I love about the Cigars Daily staff at the shop. They’re incredibly vigilant when it comes to their tasks. They look over orders every single day for any signs of sneaky activity. If you’ve ordered with us, you might have even gotten a email to confirm your identity if the order tripped one of our fraud detection filters.

It’s sad that the team has to do this kind of stuff, but nobody who works in the online world gets a pass from this. There are always people working to commit credit card fraud, pretty much everywhere, and pretty much all the time.

And to make matters worse, just this morning, as Dustin was going through fraud checks on today’s order, he got a call that his credit card had been compromised! That was a double whammy for him! I complain about this stuff because it happened at my shop, but he really was the one who had a bad day.

This is the kind of stuff that most people don’t think about when it comes to running a business. I’ve had lots of people tell me, “it must be nice to be able to smoke cigars all day long.” Which is true it is. It’s actually incredibly nice. But there are a hundred and one things just like this that are always working in the background to eat up the time of Jim, the staff, and myself. If it weren’t for issues like this, we truly would have the picture perfect jobs.

But what about you? Have you had any experience with this stuff at work? Or have you ever had a credit card number stolen? I think that’s happened to a lot of people. Maybe even most.

Barrel Aging Update

Today was Barrel Aging Rotation No. 3. It was supposed to happen a week ago, but I was set back with my little hospital visit from the beginning of the month. Nonetheless, Dustin got to clear his head by helping me with the rotation of the leaves, and then testing of the fumas afterward.

This time around, the flavor of the aged leaves has come a long way. Over the last couple rotations, they have picked up the sweetness of the barrel, which was nice. But now that sweetness has developed into a vanilla type sweetness. That’s something I didn’t expect at all.

Now the leaves are resting back in the barrel, and waiting for the next rotation. I’ll be curious to see if that vanilla note develops anymore, or becomes any clearer. Its starting to feel like all the work of rotating and waiting is becoming worth it! I can’t wait to see what happens.

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