How To Piss Off A Cigar Connoisseur

Cigars are one of those magical things that bring people together. Sometimes it can feel like you’re part of one big family. It’s easy to tell because we have buttons to push like a family. Every family has those fun little dysfunctions and quirks that can send people over the edge. Here are some from the family of cigar connoisseurs.

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    1. I think you hit the critical point right on the head. Reading the room – that’s the skill that forever talkers and know it alls are missing. If anyone talks too much at Cigars Daily, it’s almost definitely me. And I don’t always read the room. So good on you for having some self-awareness!

    1. Yeah, that’s an annoyance I think you find in any hobby. It doesn’t make it any less annoying. I tend to think that the ‘only cubans’ people are robbing themselves a bit. But I also stand by the notion that the best cigars for you are the ones you enjoy. It only gets annoying when people want to argue that you’re wrong about your own preferences. That’s when it becomes a bunch of BS!