How to Find The Perfect Cigar Lighter

A good cigar lighter is a critical part of enjoying even one puff from any cigar. That’s why it’s important to have a really good one. And while the perfect cigar lighter for me might not be the same as the perfect one for you, there are some important elements of picking the perfect torch. In this video, I’ll take you through the most critical parts of finding the perfect cigar lighter!


So if you’re looking for something to smoke, you can’t go wrong with Aging Room… but if you need a great lighter, these ones are some of my favorites right now! They ring all the bells of excellence for torches. Plus, has them for like half off as I post this video. So you really can’t go wrong with these.


These 3-Torch Lighters are heavy in the hand. It features a triangular torch configuration that puts out a wide lighting area with a highly satisfying trigger action. The fuel window changes color (to red) as you fill the tank, and it holds enough fuel to light 8-10 cigars before needing to be refilled. It comes with a built-in punch cut and has an easy flame adjustment.


With two convenient side triggers, the Mongoose lights with an easy yet satisfying squeeze. Once ignited, three powerful flame jets create a wide yet adjustable flame. One of the best features of this torch is the large fuel window built into the bottom. As long as there’s fuel in the tank, this torch will light every single time without fail. And of course, it comes with a built-in punch cutter that’ll save the day when your favorite cutter isn’t around.

What is your favorite cigar lighter? Drop a comment and let everyone know.

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