How To Double The Life Of Any Cigar Lighter

If you don’t have fire, you’ll never get a good light on a cigar… or any light for that matter. This is an issue that every cigar smoker will eventually come across as cigar lighters have a tendency to die out. And some die quicker than others. In this video, I’ll take you through some essential steps to double the life span of all your cigar lighters. But drop a comment below with the lighter brand you trust and the ways you’ve kept your favorite lighters alive.

In This Video:

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There are lots of different types of lighters out there. Some come with soft flames, while others come with one or more torch flames. There’s a different lighter out there for everyone. So the most important thing to know when choosing a lighter is – which is the best for you? Check out the lighters on, and see which lighter fits your collection best.

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