Foundation Wiseman Vs Olmec Claro Smokedown

Foundation Olmec Claro and Wise Man 4 Cigar Collector’s Sampler

Get the full Smokedown experience with this 4 cigar collector’s sampler. This one comes loaded with 2 each of Foundations Wise Man Corojo and Olmec Claro. Light up the robust and complex flavor of each with a nice discount when you shop on

Foundation’s Nick Melillo has crafted some of the most beloved up and coming boutique blends in the industry today. He’s a master of crafting complex cigars with excellent construction. In this Smokedown, we’ll be taking Nick’s Wise Man and Olmec Cigars head to head in a battle royale. The Wise Man uses a spicy Corojo 99 wrapper, while the Olmec features an less common Mexican San Andres Claro wrapper. Let’s see exactly what each of these blends has to offer, and which one has what it takes to win!

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