Finding The Hottest Cigars In America

For cigar shop owners, it’s all about finding the hottest cigars on the market. There are so many brands to choose from, and not all of them will stand the test of time. Let me take you through some changes we’re making in the Cigars Daily humidor in our pursuit to find the hottest cigars in America.

In This Video:

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  1. As of today my favourite cigar is the Skelton Toro – nice dark chocolate and coffee flavours – but may be just available in Germany 😉

    Wich one of the Blackbird selection is your winning cigar…Cuco, Crow or Unkind?

  2. Tim, thanks so much for the inside look into ‘Tim’ as well as the how’s and why’s of being a cigar shop owner. Very informative.
    I recently tried Patina Connecticut at my local cigar shop. Then, a few weeks later I tried another one. I’d rather smoke at least 2 of the same cigar before I form a lasting opinion. I’m a mild-medium guy and I really like the flavor of that blend from Patina. I really know nothing about the company, but messaged them on their website. Mo answered me back right away, told me he was glad I liked the blend and told me that they’re releasing a maduro soon.
    Wondered if you had any experience with Patina (another one among the many, many brands out there}?