El Rey Del Mundo Oscuro Cigar Review



El Rey Del Mundo is a medium strength legacy blend that kicks off with sweetness, pepper and spice. Flavor notes are scarce until the second third, where there's a nice balance of cinnamon, woods, leather, and coffee. This a blend I would recommend for the avid bourbon pairing cigar lover.

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There are only a handful of cigars I can think of that really have a cult following. I get cigar lovers in the shop who feverishly rub their hands together while asking, “Do you have any El Rey Del Mundo?”. It doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does people tend to be pretty insistent about that cigar. So what is it that brings people back to this blend over and over again? And the only way to find out is with a cut and a light!

El Rey Del MundoOscuro
Wrapper: Oscuro
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Honduras
StrengthMedium Plus
Size:5×54, Robusto
Price: $5.40

Light Up

My curiosity is at its peak as the flame touches the foot of the El Rey Del Mundo. I’m looking for whatever it is about this cigar that has captured its fans. There are a few features that stand out right away. The first puffs come with typical pepper, sweetness, and an uncommon spice in the back of the road. All three of those things, in my mind, contribute to the character of a cigars flavor, but they won’t fill the space of flavor notes that make up a quality profile.

First Third

After an inch or so of smoking, the trinity of flavor characters are still present – sweetness, pepper, and spice. There are a couple of simple notes hanging in there – cinnamon and woods. The one thing I can say for El Rey Del Mundo at this point is that it’s different. I can see how people are getting behind this blend, but it still has some real work to do to impress the demanding palates of today’s aficionados.

Second Third

Okay, there it is! Now a complete profile is making its way around. Coincidentally, this happened as the back of the throat spice began to die away. Now notes of leather and coffee have both made their way into the profile. Now this blend has become a nice medium to bold strength blend. And what’s better than that is the balance in this flavor. Cinnamon, woods, leather, and coffee are now all balanced with the sweetness and pepper that still remain on the retrohale.

Final Third

Nearing the end of El Ray Del Mundo, this blend is finally beginning to behave like a normal blend. Some flavor notes are muted. The strength has climbed, and what’s left from the profile is roasted coffee. Unfortunately, the smoking experience with this blend, while being unique, just didn’t offer what really blows my skirt up in a good cigar. I will say, however, that it is an interesting smoke that’s worth a try (especially as it’s in the $5.00 range).

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