Dunbarton Sin Compromiso vs Paladin De Saka Smokedown

After an embarrassing review, by Steve Saka, of my Smokedown on the Mi Querida line, I decided to grace the cigar loving world with another deep dive into Steve Saka’s Sin Compromiso and Paladin De Saka. These two blends are very similar. But there are some minor differences that make a big difference between these two ultra high end blends. Let’s see what each has to offer, and which one has what it takes to come out as a winner.

Dunbarton Sin Compromiso 4-Cigar Sampler

If you want to sink your teeth into the uncompromising flavor of Steve Saka’s Sin Compromiso and Paladin De Saka blends, you can easily do so with this 4-cigar sampler. Get the original Sin Compromiso blend in 3 sizes, and a Paladin De Saka, along with a $12.00 discount. Set yourself up with 4 very robust blends that are perfectly paired with any special occasion in your life.

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