Dunbarton Mi Querida Ultimate Smokedown

Most cigar makers create series of cigars with wildly different blends and experiences, but not Steve Saka of Dunbarton! He does whatever he wants, and somehow people seem to really love it. Take the Mi Querida line, for example. Mi Querida comes in three blends, each featuring a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. But somehow, these three cigars are supposed to offer something different than the others. But how different are they? Can each cigar truly stand on it’s own, and which one is the best one? In this video, we’ll take these three cigars head to head to head to see which one is the best.

Dunbarton Mi Querida 5-Cigar Variety Sampler

Taste the interesting diversity of the full line of Mi Querida Cigars. Check out the variety sampler here.

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