Drew Estate Undercrown 10 Factory Floor Edition Experiment

WARNING: Drew Estate does not recommend smoking the samples from the leaf library in the Factory Floor Edition box. I only did because I’m a hopeless millennial who will almost certainly do what I’m told not to.

Drew Estate makes some pretty wild blends. They’re known for out of this world cigar concepts like Deadwood, Liga Privada, Acid, and the popular Undercrown. Now they’re celebrating 10 years of the Undercrown’s wild success with the Undercrown 10. In this video, I’ll take you inside a special edition among special editions – the Undercrown 10 Lonsdale Factory Floor Edition. It comes with a leaf Library that has samples of each leaf from the blend. And even though Drew doesn’t recommend consuming the samples of each leaf from the blend, I’m just too curious… especially since other brands are leading the way with events driven by sampling each leaf from a given blend to see what it adds to the experience.

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