Do Infused Cigars Have A Future?

Infused cigars can get a bad rap among cigar smokers (especially the really snooty ones). But they play an important part in the industry. For most people, an infused cigar was their first, and for many others infused blends are their preference. But these flavor added treats have been under attack. Politicians and regulators are trying to snuff them out of existence. And it begs the question, “is there any future for these cigars?” In this video, I’ll tell you how it’s possible.

M By Macanudo

M by Mac just got 3 new flavors! After the monumental success of the M by Mac and M by Mac Bourbon, they have added French Vanilla, Dark Rum, and Cocoa Mint to the lineup. Each blend offers an infusion that marries perfectly with a well balanced premium cigar flavor profile. Try one, two, or all three of these blends today!

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FLVR Cigars

Infusion just got a brand new flavor. These FLVR Cigars each come with a marriage of flavor and mystery. Each of the 5 different blends features an unnamed infusion that only your tastebuds can identify. Sink your teeth into 5 totally new and completely unique flavors now.

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