DIY Winter Cigar Lounge Under $200

A cigar lounge is a sacred place for a cigar smoker… especially if it’s too cold or too hot to smoke outside. Over the last few winters, I have watched people in the Cigars Daily Nation build their own winter cigar lounges in some of the most ingenious ways. The trend all started when people begin using #cigartent. Now temporary backyard lounges seem to be a pretty regular thing. Today I want to see if I can do something similar… but I want to do it on the cheaps. In this video, I will build a temporary cigar lounge for under $200. And I’ll show you exactly what I used and how I got it done.

Build your lounge with the materials that work best for you, but stock up on cigars at

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  1. Starting this winter, my solution is to simply smoke in my office in my house. I purchased an IQAir GC Multigas air cleaner. It is a medical grade air cleaner and It is expensive but it works great. After smoking 3 cigars a day in my office for sometime I had some people come over that are not smokers. They said they could not smell anything. The IQAir GC Multigas has been reviewed in Cigar Aficionado.