Colibri SV Cigar Cutter Review

Colibri hit a homerun when they released their original V cutter. Cigar people have gone crazy over the deep and clean cut that it consistently gives. Now they’re stepping up the game with the hefty SV cut, which has a straight cutter built into the back. In this review, I will take you through the good, the bad, and the ugly of this newer edition of Colibri’s hot cutter!

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The Colbri SV Cigar


This cutter features the best of both worlds. Take your options with you whenever you set out to enjoy an amazing cigar. One side features the popular deep v cutter that put Colbri on the map with a lot of cigar smokers. The other side features a large razor sharp straight cutter.

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  1. I have this cutter and I absolutely love it. I’ve never been uncomfortable with this in my pocket, and it always makes a perfect cut. I prefer a straight cut for normal cigars, but V cuts for shaped tips. Its always good to have both options available so I love this because its far more comfortable in my pocket than 1 straight cutter AND a V cutter. So far I’ve never had an issue with a cut. I highly recommend this cutter.

  2. When i started smoking cigars i used everything, punch, straight, v cut but after a while i stick to the straight cut because i want as much open draw as possible. I use Cuban Crafters Perfect Cutter. It has the back stop and you never cut too much of your cigar.