Cigars Daily LIVE 258 + AfterParty (How Cigars Are Made In A Factory)

Cigars are as much an art as they are an industry. It takes 300 sets of hands to craft every premium cigar you light up! On tonight’s episode, we’re chatting about the process from seed to smoke, and all the intricate steps in-between. My name is Tim, and I’m the host of this show. But YOU are the co-host. Your comments and questions will drive the episode. So light up something special, grab a drink to pair, and drop a comment to join the conversation!

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  1. I loved this episode. I have been falling down the artist rabbit hole of premium handmade cigars. Eric was also a great guest and I have been consuming some of his content as well. Thanks everyone

    – John

  2. Great episode. The beginning of this show you talk about sweetend and flavored cigars. I have tried Dunbarton’s and others all with the same result. Too sweet for me. My son who was introduced to cigar smoking had one of these cigars as his first and was immediately turned off by the sweetness. Fortunately, had other premium cigars for him to try Perdomo, Oliva, Davidoff (one of his favorite Nicaraguan Blends) and Padron. So why do I write this; Start with a mild cigar (Ashton Classic), try a sweetend cigar if you like, and then begin finding your flavors. I do not start new cigar smokers on the sweetend tips because it has proven in our group to be a major turn off, as in, “are tehy all like this?” I believe there is a cigar for almost everyone, sweet or not, just remiding a few to not always start someone with a sweet one.