Cigars Daily LIVE 252 + AfterParty (The Single Best Cigar of 2023)

I have always avoided answering the ‘what’s your favorite cigar’ question. But this year I found a regular production blend that is absolute fire. During this episode, we’ll discuss some of the cigars that have taken our breath away, and left us looking for more. My name is Tim and I’m the host of this show. But you are the co-host. Your comments will drive the episode. So light up something special, grab a drink to pair, and drop your cigar comments!

Illusione Singulare Origen

Most cigars you’ll smoke are decent and good… but not much more. A few are so terrible that you’ll never forget them. And fewer still are so epically amazing that you’ll never forget them. For us, at Cigars Daily, Illusione’s Singulare Origen is one of those epic blends. This is one of the best cigars we have ever had. Use promo code origen20 for 20% off singles, 5-packs, and boxes through 3/21/23.

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  1. Hi guys,
    Smoking one of my Cigars Daily box purchased Perdomo 20th Anniversary Connecticut.
    Two questions.
    1.How do I develop my palete?
    I don’t want to have a weak pa l ere like Billy.
    2. What are some good with cigars to go with a spicy Bloody Mary?