Cigars Daily LIVE 251 + AfterParty (The Newest Cigar In The Industry)

There are a lot of new cigars out there… but there ain’t nothing newer than the cigar we got on tonight’s episode. Join us to learn about the brand and blend that is bringing on of the most exciting new cigars of the year! My name is Tim and I’m the host of this show, but you are the co-host. Your comments will drive the episode. So light up something special, grab a drink to pair, and drop your cigar comments and questions.

Blackbird More Than Complete 15-Cigar Sampler

Blackbird is one of the hottest cigars on the market right now. AND brand owner Jonas Santana is about to release a brand new blend to add to his catalog of highly sought-after blends. Get the ‘Coming Soon’ blend before it hits the shelves. Then, after it’s released, you’ll be able to pick them up, but only on

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