Cigars Daily LIVE 245 + AfterParty (Top 25 Cigar List Takedown)

The world has recently been devastated by the annual release of about a million top cigar lists. While everyone is working to show you THEIR top 25 cigars of the last year, I want to invite you to join the conversation and see if anyone hit the target. My name is Tim and I’m the host of this show, but you are the co-host. So light up something special, grab a drink to pair, and drop your cigar comments and questions.

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  1. Hey Tim, @cigarsdailyplus Thank you for all your shenanigans and hooten-annies. I’m wondering if your team can implement a few features on the playback of these live-streams/videos? Can you add a playback speed button where one can speed up the playback incrementally by .1, .2,.3,.4,.5 and so-forth? Also, it was good catching Terrence out there with y’all, seems like a good addition, I appreciate all your guys input and attention to detail.