Cigars Daily Got Some New Blood!

Nothing is more important to the lifeblood of a healthy business than an outstanding team. That’s why Jim and I invest mountains of time and resources into building and encouraging out team at the shop. And as we continue to grow so is our team. Here’s a look inside week 1 for our new team members.

In This Video:

Montecristo Espada Signature (6×55)

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I smoke these more than any other cigar. There are a lot of good cigars out there. But the Montecristo Espada Signature is something special. I find that this cigar, more than any other that I stock, satiates the palate with rich medium strength flavor. If you’re looking for a cigar that’s as perfect for a sunny afternoon as it is for a wedding, this is my recommendation.

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      1. Tim, I just started smoking cigars about 3 months ago at the age of 51, I know better late than never. I did a lot of research after starting and I wanted to thank you soo much for all your videos. They are so entertaining and most of all, extremely informative. I signed up last night for Cigars Daily Plus and have bought cigars from you on line. I live in Pennsylvania so it’s hard to come to your store, lol. Anyway, my son is stationed in Washington state and we step planning a trip in the summer of next year, so I plan on swinging by your store then to visit. I recently bought a box of Filthy Viking 6×60 from you and they are my favorite now. Cant wait to try the Liga Zebra when they come available. Please tell your staff that I said they are awesome. So glad you are in this business brother. Stay safe and thanks a million

  1. I smoke with my brother any chance I can. We were roommates in college, and after he got married we still smoked together several times a week. Now we live in different states, and every now and again we’ll FaceTime or visit each other and make sure to have a cigar.

    My childhood friends are the same way. We have a cigar anytime we get to see each other in person, which isn’t often. My dad smoked some when I was growing up, but he doesn’t smoke nearly as much anymore because it starts making him sick if he gets too far into one.

    The people you share something with are the most important part of the equation. Sure, sometimes it’s nice to have a smoke or a drink by yourself and just enjoy the silence, but you can always have a nice drink or nice cigar. The fragile part of it all is the people.

  2. Unfortunately I’ve never smoked cigars with anyone over the two years that I’ve been smoking. I’ve always ordered cigars online and the closest is with my wife smoking cigarettes while I have a stick. My dog has been my loyal companion while sitting out on the back patio or in the garage.

    1. Wow Mark, I wish I could have a cigar with you brother. But I also never underestimate the value of a furry smoking buddy. Dogs are great, and super low on drama. I love smoking with my dogs around. Some of the most peaceful times.

  3. Generally my brother is the guy I smoke with. He has his pipe I have a cigar and we’ve got a whisk(e)y, usually a nice evening.

    The best work team I was ever on was for a few years a couple of years back, two other people and I were the managers for two stores and we did everything: worked out store problems, planned orders, used each other as sounding boards for ideas, moved products, ect, I mean half the time we would set things up and then just get the owners stamp of approval.

  4. Another great video, thanks. Up until this past April, I was “afraid” to smoke cigars despite my desire to do so (“one cigar can give you cancer”) and then I threw caution to the wind one day and had one (a Kuba Kuba) with a buddy while we were out of town for a work conference, and I really enjoyed it. I did a ton of research online only to find that maybe premium cigars aren’t as dangerous as society would lead you to believe, and here I am today chucking my money at Tim and the gang! Definitely the outlyer in my family; however almost all of the folks on my shift at work (FD) enjoy them, too, so almost every shift we spend a part of the evening on the back pad unwinding and BSing over some cigars (what ‘no tobacco use’ policy??). It’s great!