Cigar Foot Fetish | How The Foot Changes The Blend [EXTENDED]

The experience with any cigar starts with the foot. It’s the part of the cigar you light up first. It becomes the foundation for enjoying the rest of the blend. That’s why cigar makers spend so much time working to give you an interesting first impression at light up. In this video, I’ll take you through some of the interesting things cigar makers do to keep the foot interesting on each and every cigar they make.

Cigar Foot Types

Common Foot

The most common foot on any cigar can be seen here on the Montecristo Classic. This is where the wrapper leaf extends to the edge of the cigar, and the fold of the filler leaf can be seen at the bottom. It’s the most common type of foot. Just make sure you touch the edge of the foot with your lighter when you light up a cigar or you’ll likely find a bad burn.

Tapered Foot

This shape is really only used on the Oliva Serie V 135th Anniversary Edicion Limitada. The first third tapers to a smaller ring gauge at the foot. It’s not uncommon to see the ring gauge change with a figurado shape, but no other cigars taper quite like the Oliva 135. And the tapered foot gives the cigar an improved experience over the ordinary Serie V.

Shaggy Foot

A wrapper leaf will give a cigar the character of it’s flavor. If you remove it, it’ll change the whole experience. With a shaggy foot cigar you’ll taste the filler and binder leaf upon light up. Then you get an explosion of wrapper leaf flavor after smoking for a few minutes. The Camacho Factory Unleashed Toro gives you that exact and interesting experience.

Covered Foot

While a shaggy foot will let you taste the binder and filler leaves by themselves, the covered foot gives you an entirely new experience with a different type of wrapper covering the foot. Gran Habano’s Persian King will give you just that. The foot is covered with a Connecticut Shade wrapper which gives way to a Maduro wrapper after about an inch. Light up one of these for two totally different experiences in one cigar.

Closed Foot

The Southern Draw Desert Rose Lonsdale comes with a covered foot. That means the wrapper leaf covers the foot of the cigar, which gives an explosion of wrapper leaf flavor immediately at light up. If you’re looking for a cigar that promises to deliver on flavor right away, you’ll want to light up a closed foot cigar.

1502 Lock Foot

Enrique Sanchez at 1502 Cigars has crafted his own style of foot to give his cigars an edge on the competition… literally. The Lock Foot on this 1502 Blue Sapphire allows the wrapper to cover the edge of the foot, giving the cigar more wrapper leaf flavor at light up, and improving construction on the cigar at light up.

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  1. Ever since you released that Camacho Factory Unleashed review video, I knew I had to give it a try. I’ve already ordered a second time from Cigars Daily, and will order it some more. It took crown for my #1 spot, replacing the RyJ Reserva Real. One main reason…flavor…and how it’s presented. I thought the shaggy foot was a mis-wrap at first, then the moment I got it toasted, I realized a shaggy foot is just a taste of the foundation, son. Once that wrapper takes off it’s the same game, just a different league. Like pouring yourself too much coffee, taking a few sips, then adding your cream. Thanks for all you and your crew contribute. Best in the biz.