CAO Bx3 Cigar Review

The CAO BX3 is a unique blend from one of America’s favorite cigar makers. And right now, CAO wants to make you a Brazillionaire with this triple Brazilian blend. This cigar features a Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper over Brazilian Arapiraca binder with fillers from Brazil, Mexico, Honduras, and Nicaragua. That makes this one a 5 country blend that should feature the bright flavors of Brazilian leaf. But I wonder if this will be a complex dynamic cigar, or just another new blend. And the only way to find out is with a cut and a light!

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Wrapper:Brazilian Mata Fina
Binder:Brazilian Arapiraca
Filler:Brazil, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua
Price: $9.00
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  1. I have loved this cigar since it came out last year. Got a box for CD. You were spot on in your review. What you called citrus I called dried fruit like raisin. Very complex.